Invest With Emergent

Emergent is always interested in meeting with groups who may want to join us in supporting successful businesses and technologies, especially those in the aquaculture and agriculture markets. We are the partner of choice for growing companies. We work with companies to help them reach their full potential by helping them assess and capitalize on business opportunities, while providing management and leadership support.

What you can expect from us

  • Strong analysis of potential investments. We take your trust in us seriously and strive to seek out the best companies.
  • Experienced, responsive people. We pride ourselves on being available to our investors.
  • Industry knowledge. Emergent’s knowledge of our specialized industries is second to none.

Benefits for Our Investors

Emergent has a track record of solid, long-term investments. 

Shared Knowledge
Emergent has connections to the top players in the aquaculture and agriculture markets.

We have strong partnerships with our operating managers, allowing us to keep an open line of communication.

Resources at the Ready
Emergent has access to capital management, consulting and legal resources all in-house.

Invest With Emergent

If your company has an interest in investing in the agriculture or aquaculture markets, let us know.